Introduction and Preliminary Test


Hello, and Welcome to the Online Training of the SET THE TONE project on Sexual Harassment at work.

This e-learning is designed to provide an online learning opportunity for employers, employees, of all genders, including the newly hired and those in an internship and employees with a specific role in assuring health and safety at the workplace to empowering them to counter prejudices and norms that encourage or condone sexual harassment.

The goal is to improve the competencies in preventing and reporting cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. Upon completion of this online course, you are expected to have acquired the necessary knowledge to better contribute and be more informed in workplace situations where sexual harassment and gender-based violence cases might be present.

In order to receive a certificate of participation, you must attend the entire online training of 4-hours with a score of 100% and undertake the preliminary and final self-assessment test, which will help you better understand the level of knowledge of gender-based violence.

Note that the course is set out to be followed in lesson order

  1. Complete each lesson, in order, until the end
  2. Mark complete to be able to move on to the next
  3. The ‘next module’ button will then be clickable to continue to the next part of the course.


Hope you will find the training both useful and enjoyable. We are delighted that you have chosen to learn with us.

Please note that you need to enroll first to be allowed to start the training and provide your full name in order to receive the certificate of completion.

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Preliminary test – 10 minutes