Domestic violence

It includes verbal, physical, sexual, economic, repeated or repetitive aggression, threats or coercion that undermine the integrity of the other person, or even their socio-professional integration. This violence affects not only the victim, but also other family members, including children. This is a form of intra-family violence. It appears that in the vast majority of cases, the perpetrators are men and the victims are women. Violence in intimate relationships is the manifestation, in the private sphere, of the unequal power relations between women and men that still exist in our society. 


Each of us could, one day, be confronted with domestic violence, regardless of our age, socio-professional category, religion, etc. And this violence is a form of gender-based violence because it disproportionately affects women, and the majority of aggressors are men… 


Because violence suffered in the private sphere has a strong impact on the other spheres of the victim’s life, and in particular the professional sphere (burn-out, absenteeism, stress, accidents at work, etc.), the CEASE network aims to support volunteer companies in order to identify potential victims and direct them towards appropriate help. 

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E-learning on domestic violence and its impact at work

Various resources are also available

Posters to raise awareness of domestic violence in your companies

These three awareness-raising posters, available in English, French and Dutch, aim to raise staff awareness of domestic violence, provide information on useful contacts in the event of an emergency, and promote a caring work environment.

Raising awareness on domestic violence: brochures to be distributed in companies!

A brochure to be distributed widely in companies, containing theoretical and practical elements useful in case of a violent situation.

Practical guide for Belgian companies: "Even at work, don't look away. Take action"

Available in French and Dutch, this brochure aims to support companies in accompanying employees confronted with violence between partners. Download the brochure.

Making employment a vehicle for the empowerment of women facing domestic violence

A call to action! 8 recommendations to make employment a vector of socio-professional (re)integration for women facing domestic violence!

For a successful return to employment of women facing domestic violence

Publication of the ACTIV project - Acting and collaborating to tackle intimate violence - which has as its main objective the socio-professional (re)integration of women facing domestic violence.

National Survey Results on the Impact of Domestic Violence on Work, Workers and Workplaces in Belgium

One In Three Women, The Podcast

One In Three Women, the podcast highlights the key role of business in the fight against violence against women. To make it everyone's business, the companies of the OneInThreeWomen network speak out and share their best practices.

Ending Gender-Based Violence - An Action Manual

The small action manual to end sexual violence, by Caroline De Haas and published by Editions Robert Laffont, aims to "identify", "understand", and "act" on gender-based and sexual violence.

Where to refer a person facing domestic violence?

Emergency numbers

0800 30 030 in French-speaking Belgium
1712 in Dutch-speaking Belgium

An initiative of the federal equal opportunities policy, the police and the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men

To find a shelter, legal support or an outpatient service in Brussels and Wallonia, a directory is available