Harassment in the workplace

1° violence at work: any situation in which a worker or another person to whom this chapter applies is persecuted, threatened or assaulted psychologically or physically during the performance of work; 

2° moral harassment at work : repeated abusive conduct of any kind, whether external or internal to the undertaking or institution, manifested in particular by unilateral behaviour, words, intimidation, acts, gestures and writings, the purpose or effect of which is to undermine the personality dignity or physical or psychological integrity of a worker or another person to whom this Chapter applies, in the performance of his or her work, to jeopardize his or her employment or to create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment; 

3° sexual harassment at work: any form of verbal, non-verbal or corporal behaviour of a sexual nature, which the perpetrator knows or should know affects the dignity of women and men in the workplace. 

Workplace violence and harassment deprive people of their dignity and pose a threat to equal opportunities and safe, healthy and productive work environments. Workers who are victims of violence and harassment feel unsafe at work, are absent from work more often and may even be unable to work, with consequences for productivity and costs for companies and public authorities. 

Training courses on how to deal with harassment at work are available (e.g. those provided by Mensura). And an e-learning course will soon be available! 


A video to help you understand.

E-learning on sexual and gender-based harassment at work

The e-learning on sexual and gender-based harassment at the workplace is developed within the framework of the SET THE TONE project, and aims to support the improvement of employers' and employees' skills in preventing and reporting sexual harassment at the workplace.

For more information

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