The Cease network

According to the Istanbul Convention, gender-based violence against women is “any violence that is directed against a woman because she is a woman or that affects women disproportionately”. Domestic violence and harassment at work are a form of violence that a very large number of gendered people still face today.[1]According to Juliet Drouar, in an article published on the blog of Médiapart, “we could for example propose for people exposed to sexism, i.e. to the domination of hetero cis men, to use the term : sexualized people” 

Why involve employers? 

In Europe, one woman in three has been physically or sexually abused, most often by a partner or ex-partner. This means that every employer has been, is or will be in contact with an employee who has experienced gender-based violence, whether it happens at work or in the private sphere.

Not only physical or sexual, this violence can take different forms: psychological, administrative, cyber-violence, etc.

Beyond the personal and social impacts, violence also has economic consequences. In Europe, the cost of domestic violence is estimated at 175 billion euros per year.

Multiple surveys show the extent to which such violence affects the victim’s ability to work, as well as her colleagues: reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, turnover, resignation without notice, etc. 


Moreover, companies have a large mobilization capacity, and active workers spend a large part of their lives in the workplace (sometimes their only place of social interaction outside their domestic environment). Positioning the workplace as a safe place where victims can find support and referrals greatly increases the impact of initiatives. 


How to join the network?

To join the Belgian CEASE network, you have to sign the Charter of Commitment and get trained. The training is provided free of charge by Pour la Solidarité.

The history of the network

Initially co-funded by the European Commission’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship program and coordinated by the FACE Foundation (in partnership with CSR Hellas, Pour la Solidarité & DIESIS), the CEASE Europe network aimed at establishing an additional frontline in the fight against violence, by mobilizing companies and employers in this fight. 

Today, thanks to the support of, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS extends the CEASE network to Belgium.  

The Belgian CEASE network

The National Action Plan against Gender Violence (NAP) 2021-2025 provides for more than 200 measures aimed at achieving gender equality, among them: supporting victims of violence and harassment in the workplace, through training, awareness-raising and information sessions. The objective of involving companies and employers is clear, and the CEASE network is a way to achieve it! 

By joining the CEASE network, you commit to making your company or organization as safe as possible for all those who have faced, are facing or will face gender-based violence.